We are currently canvassing for serious investors for various large construction projects in South Africa. Excellent R.O.I. Average of 30% plus on projects.

 We invite you to join us in investing in our region’s future by becoming a member of the All Africa Housing (Pty) Ltd endeavor towards providing housing and a better life to everyone in need.

Construction is growing sector in South Africa and offers a number of opportunities for investment in the following:

  • construction of residential and business houses

  • earth works

  • bridges and drainage structures

  • Irrigation infrastructure

  • Water utilities infrastructure

  • Road development, rehabilitation and maintenance

As a coalition of private and public sectors working together to sustain and carefully grow the housing backlog of the Republic of South Africa, our goal is to grasp the attention of serious investors to this region and, in turn, build houses, create additional jobs and to increase the living standards of all.

Your investment in any of our designated projects will help us achieve this goal and keep South Africa the place where people want to work, play, learn and prosper. By providing access to and bringing together key regional leaders of influence, who are working toward this common goal.

All Africa Housing (Pty) Ltd endeavors in building a strong business friendly environment.

All Africa Housing (Pty) Ltd’s role is vital to not only sustainable housing projects but also to the economic development and success of our region.

Please join us in fulfilling our mission to attract, retain and grow businesses, as well as create housing and jobs for those in need.